Venturing Tools

Streamline the venture creation process with Smart Business Modeler and its robust feature set.

Interactive Business Model Canvas

Apply your business idea to the interactive Osterwalder and extended business model canvas versions for fast and agile iteration.

Pattern Packs for Creativity and Success

Explore 350+ business model patterns organized into 7 Pattern Packs. A pattern-based approach to business model innovation helps to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process go much faster and easier.

Wizards for Consistency and Coherence

Every time you drag&drop a pattern onto your business model canvas, our ‘wizards’ will recommend where that logic is most suitable.  Like to color outside of the lines?  You can turn the wizards on and off so they don’t interrupt your flow.

Impressive Pitch Deck Creator

Ready to show off your idea to the world? The Pitch Deck Creator allows you to quickly go from refining your concept to investor-ready content.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Starting at the beginning?  SBM is more than just business models!  Follow our 20-step process through ideation and definition, through modeling and strategizing, and ultimately to planning and pitching.  Each step includes instruction and templates that further refine your idea and steer you towards the deliverables that stakeholders want to see.

Brain Bites

Want to better understand the value and impact of each step?  The inline knowledge nuggets provide additional context to each activity.  Quickly access them from within the process, without breaking your flow.

Dynamic Team Environment

  • Invite your colleagues to join your project an develop simultaneously
  • Use the project message board to discuss overall progress and direction
  • Drill down on specific tasks by sorting messages by task

Research Repository

Every activity you complete in the venture creation process contributes to an effective strategy launch, but the information you develop is also a valuable snapshot of innovation.  Revisit it regularly as you grow, adjust your product offerings, or react to changing markets.

Ready to start innovating with our free tools?

Did we mention all of this is free?  Unlimited projects, unlimited teammates, unlimited time.  Go forth and venture!  No, we’re not harvesting your data or tricking you with complex terms & conditions… we’re truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs create successful ventures.

Are you an innovation guru?

Calling all mentors, coaches, and professors: If you’re teaching or managing entrepreneurship we invite you to check out our innovation management platform.  Designed for university courses and accelerator cohorts, it can be customized to your process and whitelabeled so you can better guide innovation.