Premium Accounts

Leverage the Smart Business Modeler to enhance your processes: Empowering ideators to launch their business ideas successfully and sustainably.


Universities, accelerators or incubators, all can be supported with the Smart Business Modeler platform. Manage cohorts efficiently online, create your own step-by-step approach, and customize content and design.


Looking for strategy tool to develop new ideas for your business? The Smart Business Modeler is an innovation platform that gives you access to 300+ successful business model patterns, a tested approach to idea creation and validation and the option to engage the whole organization.

Customize Your Online Content

Create your own online courses or use the ones that are already available on the platform. We have developed several courses on business model innovation, which can be easily integrated into your coaching and teaching practices. You can also reach out to us to integrate your own course materials.

Stay in tune with progress

Instructors and mentors can communicate directly with cohorts, classes by leaving comments on a ‘Message Board’ in the group. Get granular by answering questions or providing guidance with individual teams on their model canvas

Statistics and Analytics for Each Group

We know how important it is to track the progress of your work as well as the active participation of your students. For this reason, we provide important statistics, such as a number of students online, the time each student spent on the platform and even more is coming. You can also use the provided statistics for your research purposes.

Brand it as your Own Coaching Platform

Use your own logo to create a representative image for your course. You can also reach out to us if you would like to discuss how we can help you to customise it even further for you.