The Smart Business Modeler has many useful features for your business modeling process

Online Business Model Canvas for fast creation and agile iteration

Perhaps you’re familiar with the standard, 9 step, Osterwalder business model canvas. Apply your business idea OR utilize our extended canvas for greater detail and robustness!

Pattern Packs for Creativity and Success

Explore 350+ business model patterns organized into 7 Pattern Packs. A pattern-based approach to business model innovation helps to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process go much faster and easier.

Wizards for Consistency and Coherence

Every time you drag&drop a pattern onto your business model canvas, our ‘wizards’ will indicate, which elements of your business model should follow that patterns’ logic and automatically insert the pattern where it is most-suitable.

Dynamic Team Environment

Ideas need to travel! That is why we created a collaborative environment where you can build your business models in teams and communicate openly using the ‘Message Board’.

‘Genius Bar’ for Guidance and Support

What if you need more guidance? Our playbooks offer a simple step-by-step approach to:

  • Define the Value Proposition
  • Improve the Perceived Value
  • Explore Business Model Configurations

Impressive Pitch Deck Creator

If you want to implement your idea, presenting an impressive pitch deck is the key. The Pitch Deck Creator allows you to quickly go from building your idea of pitching it to investors, colleagues or peers.

State-of-the-Art Educational Platform

What are the business models? How do you create, deliver and capture value through innovation? How do you scale your business idea? Master business model innovation with our online course.

Managing multiple teams, cohorts, or classes?

Or dive right in!