Streamlining Coaching

Built for coaches, professors and corporate innovation programs


The Smart Business Modeler is a valuable educating tool for those instructing entrepreneurship, both on campus and remotely.  The blended learning platform allows you to adapt content and assignments to your own pace and context.


Easy admin of groups, more overview, better feedback – we help you to streamline your coaching. Customize the process to match your program and whitelabel the platform to fully integrate it into your programs:

Corporate Innovation

You run a corporate innovation program with emails, PowerPoints, and Excels? We help you to get a central overview, easily collect and rate ideas. Customize the platform and integrate your CI.

Setup Courses, Cohorts, or Competitions

Setup multiple, simultaneous courses, cohorts, or competitions.  Include program specific information, academies, and invite an unlimited number of participants.

Monitor Progress

Stay in tune with your participants’ progress with dashboards.

Influence and Guide

Shout it, say it, or whisper it.  Whether your updating an entire program, guiding a team, or providing insights on a specific task, you can communicate easily with your participants from within the platform.  Cancel out the background noise and dispersed emails so you can better direct your efforts and comment on specific activities.

Evaluate Development

Indicating the status, grading an assignment, or aggregating scores?  Leverage the assessment capabilities to associate numeric evaluations per-task and/or per-project.

Tag-Team Management

Your entrepreneurs are collaborating…why not your team? Invite other coaches to manage your programs as additional administrators or mentors, teachers assistants, and judges to provide feedback and evaluate progress.

Need a more curated experience?

Customize the platform to match your process, theme, and specific application.


Incorporate multiple brand logos, theme colors, and custom portal sign-ins to fully integrate and own the venture creation experience.

Redefine the Process

Is your program focused on an abridged section of our venture creation process?  Do you have custom steps?  Want to rework the activities and steps to best meet your needs?  We can implement a custom flow for your participants to execute.

Design your Own Courses

We love our blended learning courses, but maybe you have your own content ready to share with your teams.  We’ll help you get custom academy and library resources integrated into our platform and running so you can start sharing your knowledge.

New Business Model Database

Focused on a specific application?  Want to create your own Business Model Database for use in your programs?  Reach out to learn more about how to see your own creations in the business model canvas.


Evaluating students in a course, judging a startup competition, or assessing a mentee’s progress? Define your scale and score accordingly to provide valuable metrics to your participants.

Program Analytics

Who’s online, who’s doing the work, how much time is spent per task, how is progress coming along?  Define the data you want to capture and visualize it in a custom dashboard.  Let it inform where participants can improve and how to better address their needs!

Or dive right in!