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Business Models and Patterns

Business Models  are small scale descriptions of a business, allowing you to design, test and communicate the way you create and capture value.  Do you want to copy a successful business model of an already successful company?  For that you need to deconstruct their business model in its parts to better understand how they achieved greatness. How? Easy with business model patterns.

Patterns are those simplified, modular elements that make up a business model.  They are proven generic solutions to specific problems that companies have faced. They are modular and can be combined with other patterns to solve problems and create maximum value.

The Business Model Database

The Business Business Model database is organized into packs that make it easy to browse, compare and select the best options for your business. Our current publicly available packs include:

We also offer more specialized databases such as for the Energy Industry, Growth Hacking, or Smart Cities. Contact us.

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