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Business Models and Patterns

A Business Model is a small scale mock-up or plan for the successful operation of a business that allows you to design, test, and communicate the way you plan on creating, delivering, and capturing value as early as possible. The business model canvas is a valuable framework to guide you through this planning, but how do you know if you are planning a successful business model?

Failing to plan a viable and scalable business model is one of the main reasons why 80% of innovations fail. What if you could plug-and-play different business model parts of successful companies from different industries? For that, you would need to deconstruct their business model in its parts and investigate how they have achieved greatness. How? Easy with business model patterns!

Business Model Patterns are simplified, modular elements that make up a business model. They are proven generic solutions to specific problems that companies have faced. A pattern-based approach to business modeling is like developing your idea with Legos; it helps to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process go much faster and easier.

The Business Model Database

The Business Model database is organized into packs that make it easy to browse, compare and select the best options for your business. Our current publicly available packs include:

We also offer specialized databases such as for the Energy Industry, for Growth Hacking, or for Smart Cities. Please contact us for more information.

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