Smart Business Modeler

The Smart Business Modeler is a one-stop business modeling solution for start-ups, corporations, and educators who want to think outside the box, ‘test-drive’ different business models and find novel ways of creating and capturing value.

Why should you use the Smart Business Modeler?

75% of venture-backed startups fail (, and the failure to create a sound business model is a ‘top 10 reason’ for startups to fail ( In fact, the lack of experience in new business model accounts for 19% of disrupted industries (KPMG).

The idea of the Smart Business Modeler and its unique pattern database is to avoid cognitive biases. Our experience showed that we often fall back into proven patterns. Patterns provide guided thinking outside the box.

InteGRIDy project is being financed by the European Commission under grant agreement 731268. Smart Business Modele integrates the same project.