Business Modeling for (Corporate) Startups

The Smart Business Modeler platform provides all the tools and guidance to launch your business ideas!

Empowering Your Business Model Ideas

The heart of the Smart Business Modeler is its powerful Smart Business Model Canvas, with a large database of business models. However, you get much more. We provide you with all the steps in the venture creation process, from idea to implementation, we explain each step and give you templates with examples. Once ready, you can use the Pitch Deck Creator to build your pitch deck in no-time. All on one platform!

Our Time-Tested Process to Launch Your Business Idea – We Take You by the Hand

For Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

You get systematic guidance, practical templates, and the latest tools to help you bring your ideas to market!

For Accelerators, Enterprises, and Higher Education Institutions

We streamline your entrepreneurial process: easy admin, centralized overview, and better feedback.

Explore our Business Model Database

A pattern-based approach to business modeling is like developing your idea with Legos; it helps to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process go much faster and easier. Explore the Smart Business Modeler’s extensive business model database, based on your interest:

Check out our business model database

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Business Model Patterns at TEDx

In this 14 minute TEDx talk René Bohnsack, founder of the Smart Business Modeler, shares how business model patterns can change the way of innovation as we know it. Please do share the talk with your friends and colleagues, and help us inspire more people around the world to make their dreams come true.

What Industry and Academia Say

“The Smart Business Modeler is an excellent tool which allows to develop, communicate and visualize business models.”

— Dr. Gieri Hinnen

Senior Manager, Strategic Communication, Swiss Int. Air Lines, Switzerland

“The Smart Business Modeler is a great tool to help students immediately visualise their ideas for new business ventures. It helps students greatly in seeing that their ideas can be a concrete business model beyond a mere description only. As it is based on the newest advancements in the academic literature on business model innovation, the Smart Business Modeler also allows students to get a better understanding of the conceptual underpinnings of business model thinking.”

— Prof. Dr. Jonatan Pinkse

Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Alliance Manchester Business School, United Kingdom

“Business model innovation still gets too little attention in many industries. What is great about the Smart Business Modeler is two things. It gives structure to the creative process. And it is a hands-on easy to use tool to get to implementation, also enabling to cooperate with the relevant team members.”

— Dr. Evert-Jan Velzing

Sustainability and Innovation advisor at Smart Group, Netherlands

Proud Winner of the Reimagine Education Award 2019

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